Who manages information, that manages the whole world. The urgency of this saying in the course of time only grows. Under the contemporary conditions the activity of enterprise, which has the territorially distributed structure, is practically impossible without the exchange of information between its remote subdivisions. Specifically, the organization of this exchange of information are called to solve services the transmissions of data.

The allowed by the "Microcom" company of the service of transfer data on the technologies Frame Relay and IP-VPN are allowed for association into one corporate network several territorially distributed offices.

Frame Relay Technology

The basic principle of this technology consists of the creation of several virtual channels on one physical channel, in this case for each virtual channel the guaranteed passband is reserved. Furthermore, Frame Relay makes it possible to organize several virtual connections through one port of the device of access or [marshrutizatora], which is established in user, which also increases economic benefit from the use of this technology.

A main difference In Frame Relay is in the fact that the transferred packets of data, called personnel, contain the minimum volume of official information, and the functions of the correction of errors are placed on the terminal user equipment (usually [marshrutizator]). Thus is achieved a considerable decrease of the transmission delay of packets, an increase in the productivity of network and, as a result, an increase in the guarantee of the quality of the allowed net services. In connection with this the networks of Frame Relay adapt not only for the transmission of data, usually - IP (Internet), but also for the transfer of audio and [videotrafika].

The important characteristic of the network of Frame Relay is its closed nature, caused by its architecture. The network of Frame Relay ensures the reliable communication channels of the particular use inside the moderately-priced network by organizing the permanent two-point connections, as a result of which they are formed the so-called virtual particular networks, closed for the unsanctioned access.

The quality of maintenance, guaranteed to user by the network of Frame Relay, is determined by the parameter CIR (Committed of information of rate - guaranteed speed of transmission). The user of the network of Frame Relay selects and pays the capacity of the port of the access into the network and the guaranteed speed of transmission of data (CIR) for each virtual channel, passing through the port.

Structure of network with the protocol of Frame Relay:


Just as Frame Relay, this technology makes possible to organize the corporate transmission networks of data for the organizations, which have the territorially distributed structure. Basic idea of this technology - use of open channels for the transmission of the coded classified information by creating “the tunnels” with the use of IP-protocol.

Networks on basis IP-VPN are built on the basis of the chosen and public channels the Internet, which makes them with economical and those easily scaled. However, in contrast to Frame Relay, this technology does not guarantee a constant bandwidth.